In 2015 I was a flustered bride on the eve of her wedding.

I had seen spectacular elegant wedding balloons in a magazine and just HAD to have them. But I couldn’t find a local supplier.

Hours before the wedding I struggled with inflating giant balloons and trying to operate an industrial sized helium tank that I didn’t know how to use. My bridesmaids helped me as best they could with encouragement, Sellotape and wine.

But I nailed the balloons and they looked bloody fantastic. But there had to be another way. POP had to save other brides from DIY balloon stress.

Since 2015, POP ditched the groom, started her own business, and now makes fabulous balloons for brides and beyond.

Balloon me up

Lisa Johnstone

Creative Stylist.
Self titled balloon queen.
Lover of shiny objects.

Professional creative for over 10 years.
Balloon lover since birth.

I use my skills in Graphic Design, Illustration and general creativeness to bring huge structural and artistic balloon creations to Cumbria.